First and foremost, it’s all we do. 

Iowa Diamond is Des Moines’ only Engagement & Wedding Ring Megastore and the proof is in our performance. Nine out of ten couples who shop at Iowa Diamond, make their purchase at Iowa Diamond. Why? Because we have more ring styles and loose diamonds than many area jewelry stores combined. In fact, we have more bridal styles than all the jewelry stores at a regional mall combined, many of which are “exclusive”. Even if you shopped at all the other area jewelry stores, you still wouldn’t see all the styles you’ll discover just by coming to Iowa Diamond.

Upon entering, you immediately realize that you are in for a new experience. You’re treated to the relaxed, unhurried, private atmosphere of your own personal showing room where loose diamonds and virtually every ring style imaginable are brought to you.

Most importantly, you will notice that our showrooms are equipped with 5,000-Kelvin color corrected tubular florescent bulbs, scientifically proven to be the best lighting conditions for judging color. These are the lights used by professional diamond buyers around the world and they are the only lights under which you, as an educated consumer, should buy your diamond. We’ll show you how to judge color, cut, and clarity factors and, under these conditions, you’ll be able to see the difference for yourself. As you look at diamonds next to each other in a diamond-grading tray, you will make informed decisions about your purchase. Two diamonds that have virtually the same description on paper will almost always look different from each other when you see them together, at the same time.

And finally, set a budget and stay within it. You, and only you, know what budget range is comfortable. At Iowa Diamond, we show respect for our customers by honoring the budgets they set. One of the advantages of being the Engagement & Wedding Ring Megastore is that we have beautiful rings to fit every budget. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve seen, you’ll be absolutely astonished at the selection, quality and value you’ll find, whether your budget is $100 or $100,000. And only at Iowa Diamond will you get our free Wedding Savings Package with exclusive discounts at over 30 specially selected stores on everything you need for your wedding. That alone can save you hundreds of dollars.

Additionally, we have a complete jewelry shop on premises. Our master craftsman has been designing and building fine pieces of jewelry for over 30 years. Combined with our Lifetime Service Guarantee, Iowa Diamond is the place to shop for your engagement and important anniversary diamond jewelry.

So, when you’re shopping for your engagement ring, we urge you to come to Iowa Diamond first. We’ll treat you to a selection so vast it will astonish you, we’ll reward you with value you never thought possible, and we’ll pamper you with unhurried personal service that makes choosing the perfect engagement ring easy, comfortable, fun and romantic.

Just remember, the proof is in the performance. Nine out of ten couples who shop at Iowa Diamond, buy at Iowa Diamond. That many people can’t be wrong. But don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself.