Fake sales have reached epidemic proportion in the jewelry industry. According to Forbes magazine, the average pretax net profit of a jewelry store is between 4% and 7% of sales. If that’s the case, how can a jewelry store consistently run an “Everything at 70% Off” Sale and stay in business. Therein lies the problem.

Actually, what happens most times in the fake sale scheme, the store places a fictitious and exorbitant “regular” price on the merchandise and then advertises it at some seemingly giant “discount”. In reality, the store may have never sold the item at the ‘regular” price and has simply marked it up to mark it back down to give the illusion of a “bargain”.

In nearly 20 years, Iowa Diamond has only held two sales. One was for our 10th Anniversary and the other was when we moved to our new store, period! Our pricing follows the no nonsense philosophy of “lowest prices every day”. This means that at Iowa Diamond, you never have to wait for a “sale”. We are very serious about fulfilling our commitment to offer our jewelry and diamonds, quality for quality, at the lowest prices in the jewelry store market, every day!